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Bosch CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System

Bosch have announced that the very successful Bosch CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System will be made "End of Life" in July 2019 due to the increasing demand for digital technology. The "End of Service" date will be 31st December 2024.

The CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System is the alternative system for small to medium scale applications. Like CCS 900 Ultro the CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System is compact, easy-to-set- up, and easy-to-use. Additionally, it provides more advanced features such as automatic camera control. See below for further information.

Bosch CCS 1000d Digital Discussion System

The CCS 1000d is an advanced digital audio processing for up to 245 Delegates. It has superior microphone and loudspeaker performance ensuring that every word spoken will be understood by all your participants. Web browser control allows up to 10 microphones to be simultaneously active. Up to 25 microphones can be configured as Chairperson or Interrupt microphones.

Easy to use

The system's extreme ease-of-use makes it ideal for first-time users. No operator, no additional equipment, and no training required. The Control Unit display is intuitive and language-independent. The Discussion Devices are also easy to use and have just a single operating button.

Plug-and-play installation

The system is very quick and easy to install. No training is needed. Even with automatic camera control, it can be set up within a few minutes, without any additional software. The system includes native support for automatic HD camera control when using Bosch HD Conference Domes, resulting in crisp clear images of active speakers. It is perfect for small-to-medium scale fixed meeting areas as well as for rental companies who can use it for their day-to-day mobile set-ups.

Further information is available in the CCS 1000d brochure (PDF - 1.02 Mb) or via the contact us page.

Bosch DCN-NG

The Bosch Digital Congress Network Next Generation (DCN-NG) is the successor to the hugely successful Philips Bosch DCN. The world's first fully digital congress system is upgraded for even higher performance. The Bosch DCN Next Generation brings the benefits of innovative digital technology to discussion, conference and congress systems. Further information is available in the Bosch DCN Next Generation brochure (PDF - 1.08 Mb) or contact us.

Dicentis Conference System

The revolutionary Dicentis Conference System integrates audio, video and meeting content with internet access in one single system and is based on the unique IP-based OMNEO media networking technology developed by Bosch. OMNEO operates on standard Ethernet networks, which makes it ideal for pre-wired buildings, resulting in cost-effective installation and maintenance. Further information is available in the Dicentis Conference System brochure (PDF - 1.31 Mb) or via the contact us page.

Dicentis Wireless Conference System

The innovative DICENTIS Wireless Conference System uses state-of-the-art technologies, standard Wi-Fi and smart wireless management to ensure interference-free wireless conferencing. Designed to be the most flexible discussion system available, it enables quick and easy set-up and breakdown of small meetings and larger conferences.

True Wireless Connectivity

True Wireless connectivity (IEEE 802.11n) enables direct connection to the Wireless Access Point with any tablet or laptop and without the need for additional equipment, such as a router. More information is available in the Dicentis Wireless brochure (PDF - 0.92 Mb) or via the contact us page.

Bosch Integrus

The Bosch Integrus is a system for wireless distribution of audio signals via infra-red radiation. It can be used in a simultaneous interpretation system for international conferences where multiple languages are used, and it can be used in conjunction with both the CCS900 and DCN Next Generation Conference systems. More information is available in the Bosch Integrus catalogue (PDF - 2.19 Mb) or via the contact us page.

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