Telecom Solutions and Services are able to supply systems from major manufacturers. Products range from hosted Cloud solutions to onsite converged IP telephony and conventional telephone systems ranging in capacity from 2 or 3 extensions through to several hundred.

Where customers have a requirement for VoIP services but may have a conventional telephone system and/or lines we can provide a Sangoma Vega VoIP gateway. Simply install the gateway between the pbx & the internet VoIP connection and the Vega Gateway automatically handles the call processing, transcoding and translations required between the VoIP and TDM networks.

VoIP Gateways are an effective means of providing a low-cost solution to BT Openreach's planned switch off for the PSTN & ISDN network. Sangoma Vega VoIP Gateways let you seamlessly connect VoIP and PSTN networks together without changing your infrastructure, saving you time and money.

We also specialise in the provision of a wide range of audio and public address systems A major product line is the Bosch Phillips range of Conference and Discussion systems. These include the CCS 900, CCS 1000, DCN, Dicentis and Integrus products. Bosch Philips are considered to be the market leaders for Conference and Discussion products. Systems range from simple portable units through to multi language systems incorporating electronic voting and integrated camera control. For wireless functionality see Dicentis Wireless and Wireless DCN.


Installation services offered range from simple moves and changes, through to complete system supply and implementation.

Whilst we are a Midlands based company, we are able to provide an installation service for most parts of England and Wales. Maintenance services can be provided for a wide range of telephone systems either a "Pay as you go" basis, or contractually. Four levels of Contractual Maintenance Services are offered. For further details about installation and maintenance, please contact us.

Telecom Solutions are an independent UK telecommunications company with access to a wide range of manufacturer products. Our systems are designed to meet your requirement, rather than being tied to a specific manufacturer.

For further information, select the relevant product on the adjacent menu; however, if your particular product or interest is not detailed, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are able to provide advice and equipment for a wide range of products and systems. If we can't provide ourselves, we probably know "a man who can".