Panasonic Business Telephone Systems

Panasonic products have a reputation for reliability. Outlined below are details of current telephone systems.

Panasonic KX-NS700

The KX-NS700 is a hybrid PBX communication system from Panasonic. Bringing together the absolute best features of successful systems such as the KX-NCP and KX-NS1000, it creates the perfect bridge between IP and legacy technologies, whilst introducing, new features rarely found in smaller systems.

Designed to be compatible with both new and existing systems handsets i.e. SIP, IP, Digital & Analogue. The NS700 solution gives even small companies a state-of-the-art communication server at an affordable price. With on board call centre service options, enhanced unified messaging and on-the-go features like conferencing, recording and remote access, it seamlessly combines simplicity with mobility and integration. The NS 700 has a maximum capacity of 262 extensions.

Panasonic KX-NS1000

Panasonic KX-NS1000 Based on the IP and SIP protocols, the KX-NS1000 offers a high flexibility and can be integrated into your existing infrastructure. A single NS1000 unit supports up to 640 users - expandable using additional units to 1000 users to serve large organisations. Thanks to the modular architecture, the system can be tailored to suit your requirements - regardless of whether it is to be used in a small office or a large company with several locations & up to 8000 extensions.

The system also supports a combination of TDM and IP technology, as well as systems based entirely on IP technology. Smartphones and tablet computers can also be seamlessly integrated, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits that working on your own device offers.

Users of an existing Panasonic legacy PBX can easily effect a partial migration to an IP system by connecting a KX-NS1000 server and associated KX-NS 1020 Legacy Gateway, thus alleviating the need to replace existing telephones &, where suitable cable infrastructure does not exist, rewiring.

Panasonic KX-NSX1000/2000

Panasonic KX-NSX1000/2000 The Panasonic KX-NSX2000 and KX-NSX1000 represent the next generation of business communications solutions. Delivering the reliability, scalability, and flexibility that medium sized businesses demand today. Their many capabilities mean it can adapt to the way users work, wherever they are.

Easy to install and equally easy to operate, the KX-NSX Series servers are ideal for businesses looking to connect extensions, without relying on a specific location. Users can assign a phone number to numerous devices, such as their office and mobile phone, spreading communications over various workplaces using a single number. Multiple users can even share the same extension, applying their own profile so they only receive calls and voicemail intended for them.

In terms of scalability, the KX-NSX2000 can support up to 2,000 users (1,000 for the KXNSX1000) across as many as 32 sites for seamless communication. When a problem does occur, a secondary back-up unit means downtime is reduced.

Key features

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Panasonic KX-TDE 600

Panasonic KX-TDE 600 The KX-TDE 600 PBX is an advanced corporate communication system providing IP telephony features and functionalities over both local and broadband IP networks, supporting SIP connectivity for desktops and networks, the system also supports a range of advanced IP telephones, as well as the standard digital & analogue extensions, Analogue, Digital and ISDN trunks.

The KXTDE is designed for medium to large businesses and can be expanded up to 1100 users. It is ideal for situations where a large number of analogue and digital telephones are connected using standard telephone wiring eg. CW1308.

Panasonic KX-TES 824

Panasonic KX-TDE 600 The Panasonic KX-TES824 is an analogue telephone system that is configured initially for 3 lines & 8 extensions & includes built-in DISA enabling a simple 3 level automatic call handling capability e.g. 'dial 1 for Sales, 2 for Parts' etc.

Expansion options are available for the KX-TES824 up to a maximum of 8 analogue exchange lines & 24 extensions. An optional integral 2 port Voicemail module is available.

The KX-TES824 is packed with many features, making it ideal for the small business or home office requiring a flexible system with a high degree of sophistication.

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