SIP Gateway

We can offer customers, with conventional PBX phone systems, a SIP Gateway. This is a simple solution that enables a PBX equipped with ISDN lines & hardware to interface with SIP trunks.

The announcement by BT Group stating that BT intends to migrate all customers onto the IP network by 2025 means that thousands of UK businesses with conventional PBX systems face the prospect of their phone systems becoming redundant. The SIP Gateway solution, offered by Spitfire, provides a simple and easy way to convert a conventional PBX system to interface with SIP trunks for VoIP telephony, future proofing customer investment in PBX hardware.

SIP Gateway is offered on a monthly rental basis and the cost savings possible from using SIP trunks, as opposed to ISDN circuits, should more than cover the rental for most businesses. The solution protects the customer's investment in a PBX system while also providing all the additional benefits of SIP connectivity such as business continuity and remote working.

Switching to SIP trunks using SIP Gateway can produce significant cost savings. As an example, for eight channels of ISDN 2e savings range from 15 to 34 percent and for ISDN30 on 30 channels savings of between 35 to 58 percent are possible.

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