Sangoma VoIP Gateways

Sangoma Vega have a range of VoIP Gateways that can cater for analogue, BRI(ISDN2e) or PRI lines (ISDN30e) lines.

Gateways are commonly used for businesses with analogue phone systems wanting to connect to VoIP services without changing their PBX or voice infrastructure and provide a seamless way to connect to SIP trunks with minimum disruption. They can also be used to provide a low cost solution to the Openreach planned switch off for the PSTN and ISDN networks in 2025.

Gateways can also be used to connect conventional analogue telephones to an IP pbx., especially useful where the provision of Cat5/Cat6 wiring required for IP telephones would be expensive or impractical. These could be large industrial sites or premises such as hotels, schools, thus eliminating the need of change all the analogue phones and infrastructure. For further information download the Sangoma Vega Gateway brochure (PDF - 2.73 Mb) or contact us.