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Audio & Video Conferencing

There is a growing demand for audio and video conferencing solutions in an environment where the logistics in assembling groups of people together involve ever increasing costs both in key personnel time, travel, and accommodation expense. Travelling to a meeting at a distant office may well have taken a whole day, albeit for a one or two hour meeting, the use of a video link enables them to attend the meeting without leaving their own workplace, thus saving the travel costs and leading to increased productivity. The trend for 'Bring Your Own Meeting', in conjunction with online connectivity, has greatly reduced video conferencing costs. Distance meetings are likely to be the norm in the future. Our Konftel Audio and Video Conferencing products are well suited to this market.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has increased the uptake in homeworking and has given many businesses the impetus to enable homeworking on an increased scale. The improved quality of the internet has enabled a seamless migration of voice and computer connectivity with the central office. It may well be that in the future, where remote working has found to be successful, companies will examine the need for a fixed office environment and possible cost savings in the reduced office space requirement!

Most people are now familiar with applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex and Facebook Messenger and their ability to provide free video between individual devices. Whilst it is still possible to use these apps in the business environment, additional consideration needs to be given where groups of people are involved e.g. huddle rooms or larger meeting rooms.

Bring Your Own Meeting (whereby the user, in effect, brings the meeting with them on their laptop), requires the room to have certain equipment, namely a USB camera, a screen and an audio device. The equipment used must be suitable for the size of the room and be simple and easy to setup. In addition to the availability of an Internet connection, attention needs to be given to the audio requirements to ensure good audio coverage. The video camera also needs to be appropriate to the room dimensions. There also needs to be a suitably sized video screen.

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