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Business Telephone Systems

Choosing the right telephone system for your business is a critical decision. It is the gateway to your customers. If inbound calls are not answered quickly and efficiently, your caller is likely to try elsewhere.

Telecom Solutions and Services can help you select the right system for your business by analysing your requirements and matching them to suitable system or solution.

We offer both PBX and hosted solutions (cloud-based). PBX solutions can be either totally VoIP based, hybrid (VoIP, digital and analogue) or be the traditional digital/analogue based PBX. Cloud solutions are totally VoIP.

A PBX solution has the telephone system control equipment installed on your premises and requires either standard CW1308 telephone cables or Cat5/Cat6/Cat7 ethernet cabling or a mixture of both, to connect to the telephones. The cable type is dependent on the type of telephone used. Exchange lines can be analogue, digital (ISDN) or VoIP, or a mixture of both. (Please note VoIP exchange lines require a suitable internet connection). Telephone handsets may be a mixture either IP (desk, softphone or mobile), digital or a standard analogue telephone. Pure IP or hybrid PBXs, such as the Panasonic NS or NSX range, can provide remote working when using IP telephones, PC softphones (the softphone app is loaded onto your laptop/PC, which then functions as a telephone extension) or Mobile softphone app (this allows your smartphone to function as an extension on the PBX). All of which enable independent location working where a suitable internet connection is available. The Mobile softphone utilizes either a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection and can be paired with a desk phone or be totally independent. It is possible to use a single system to cover multiple sites.

Analogue and digital PBXs are traditional systems providing basic calling features such as call transfer, etc. Most are able to provide to provide basic voicemail and auto attendant facilities. Exchange lines (trunks) are analogue or digital (ISDN). It is possible to use SIP trunking (VoIP) in conjunction with a suitable SIP gateway. Telephones are either proprietary digital or standard analogue (POTS) type. See Orchid and Panasonic for further information.

A PBX option is either purchased on a direct sale or lease purchase option from the supplier. On completion of the purchase the buyer assumes ownership. Cashback is being offered by Panasonic. From 1 October until 31 December 2020, Panasonic will pay the interest rate for the selected lease term, with a maximum of 36 months. Please contact us to learn more about availability and products involved.

A hosted solution (Cloud) has the control equipment located in a remote data centre and therefore has no on-site control, other than a suitable router and PoE (power over ethernet) switch. A suitable voice grade internet connection is required to provide connectivity. A Cat5/Cat6/Cat7cable infrastructure is required to connect the telephones to the network switch. Telephone handsets are all IP, although it is possible to connect an analogue device with the use of an ATA (analogue terminal adapter). Again, remote working can be provided by using IP telephones and mobile applications.

Cloud-based (hosted) options are rented from the supplier, each telephone (seat) incurring a monthly payment. The user has the option of buying the individual handsets or having them provided, and included, in the monthly rental. Ownership of a cloud-based solution remains with the provider.