Single / Multi Zone Public Address Systems

Philips Bosch have a range of market leading Public Address ,Voice Alarm and Emergency sound systems that can demonstrate years of performance in a range of applications worldwide.

Philips Bosch Plena All-in-One Public Address System.Especially popular is the Plena All-in-One BGM / Paging system. The Philips Bosch Plena BGM mixer amplifier is a dual zone 120W mixing amplifier and background music source in one unit. The dual zone model directs sound (announcements or background music) to two separate areas - very useful if zones need to be muted. The music source consists of a digital FM/AM tuner (15 presets to store radio stations) and a DVD/CD Player with an auxiliary input for a user provided music source.

This is an ideal self-contained public address & background music solution for small to medium sized business such as retail shops, supermarkets, restaurant & leisure facilities.

Note: there is a 240 watt 6-zone version for the larger installation.

Philips Bosch Public Address Products