Public Address Systems

We offer a range of Philips Bosch, (formerly Philips), public address, background music, and emergency sound systems ranging from that of a single zone speech and/or music, through to large complex multi-zone systems. Our range of single/multi-zone systems also includes those from TOA Corporation and CIE.

We also offer a range of Inductive Loop Systems (PDF - filesize: 0.70MB - Requires Adobe® Reader®). These may be installed in conjunction with a public address system where there is a requirement to facilitate the needs of the hard of hearing, or to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (1995). Equipment sizes range from small portable systems, through to systems capable of providing coverage for theatres or churches. It should be noted that BS 8300 (the code of practise for the design of new buildings) states that "a hearing enhancement system should be installed in rooms & spaces used for meetings, classes, lectures…"etc.

For information on Inductive loop systems, please contact us.

Other products include Philips Bosch conference & discussion systems.