We can supply a wide range of loudspeakers. The correct choice of loudspeaker for the given application is essential to the provision of an efficient public address or background music system. A range of products from Armstrong, Philips Bosch, CIE & TOA Corporation are available to meet any requirement, including meeting requirements where the aesthetic appearance & decor is important.

The Armstrong i-ceiling range of 'invisible' integrated Sound Panel loudspeakers, provide the ideal environment where the consideration of both acoustics and aesthetics is essential. I- ceiling's latest generation of integrated sound panels, uses state-of-the-art NXT technology to provide exceptional sound qualities without spoiling the aesthetic consistency of the ceiling plane. I-ceiling sales equate to over 90% of Armstrong suspended ceiling systems sold in the UK - the most prevalent ceiling solution in the educational establishment sector. Especially suited to educational applications are the Soundfield Infrared system packs, which cater for classrooms of up to 120sqm and contain all sound panels, infrared microphones, receivers & accessories. For further information on flat panel technology, please see the i-ceiling product guide.

Amina's professional grade AIWX Series of Plaster-In Invisible Loudspeakers are the world's first high performance loudspeaker that is designed to be skimmed over with 2mm of normal finishing plaster, providing a completely concealed audio solution whilst allowing designers and builders a very high quality wall or ceiling finish ready to accept a decoration of choice (paint, paper, etc).Established well over a decade ago as a start-up company developed by CIE-Group, Amina® is now the world's leading supplier of totally invisible loudspeaker solutions.