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Axis IP Network Audio

With Axis Network Audio solutions for both public address and background music, the audio is provided by VoIP over a standard ethernet cable network. The solution is enabled by a combination of software & network enabled devices.

Each IP loudspeaker is a complete audio centre in its own right and is powered using network power-over-ethernet (PoE). Each simply requires a network connection. There is no need for an amplifier, mixer, digital signal processor, streaming functionality, or power supply because they are all built-in. Playlists can be created create and be stored on an SD card directly on the speaker system. Additionally, because it is preconfigured, there is no need to have to be a sound expert to set it up. In other words, each loudspeaker simply works - and sounds great - right out of the box. Plus, a built-in auto speaker-test function means you can be confident it will keep on working.

Axis Network audio provides a single unified IP audio system for both announcements and background music. Axis Network audio also includes zone management capabilities that let you play and schedule different content in different zones - and easily change both the zones and the content whenever you need. Zone management makes it easy to always play the right content, in the right place, at the right time. A SIP microphone allows public address calls to be made over specific loudspeakers or zones.

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