Hosted VoIP Services

What is Hosted IP Telephony?

A Hosted VoIP Solution is similar in concept to BT's fixed-line Featureline product but with added functionality and without the need for multiple PSTN lines in order to connect each extension. With a Hosted IP solution all that is needed is a dedicated IP connection to a remote central control centre; you then simply connect the required number of IP phones into the VoIP LAN. It really comes into its own where there is a requirement for multiple Teleworking or small remote site interconnectivity. Individual home workers can simply use their existing broadband connection.

Once a Hosted solution is set up, it is possible to simply transport a pre registered phone anywhere in the world, connect to the Internet and have the same functionality as if you were sat at your office desk. Similarly your lap top, with a registered Hosted VoIP Softphone connection, will deliver the same world wide VoIP functionality once connected to the internet. This Teleworker capability makes it ideal for home/remote workers, travelling personnel and multi site companies alike. A standard application could be to provide Call centre functionality with agents operating from home.

Features of Hosted VoIP

A hosted VoIP solution makes available the features and functions, traditionally only available at a single site, across all locations, including remote offices and home workers. The features and functions traditionally only available at a single site can now be made available across all locations, including remote offices and home workers. Voicemail is included as standard in addition to standard telephony features, such as Call Forward, Group hunting, Group pickup, Call transfer, DND, Music on Hold, etc. Optional features, such as Music on Hold, Auto Attendant (IVR), Call Recording, Fax to email and Operator Console functionality are available.

Benefits of Hosted VoIP

VoIP calls made between remote offices, personnel or home workers are all FREE of charge when using Hosted VOIP Telephony. Calls to non-Hosted VoIP Telephony numbers will be routed using the PSTN. We are able to offer extremely attractive call rates for national, international and mobile calls, as well as to other users within the Hosted VOIP Telephony community. Hosted VoIP allows you to have multiple geographic numbers within a single site, thus providing a local number on a national basis. For example, you could have London, Birmingham and Manchester geographic numbers, whist actually being located in Bristol. With Hosted VoIP, once your geographic number has been allocated, it stays with you, which means that should you decide to move premises in the future, the number follows you.


Hosted VoIP solutions are fully scalable and can start from two IP phone licences upwards. Growth is catered for simply renting additional licenses. For further information, or a free trial, please contact us outlining your requirements.