Guide to choosing a headset

Choosing the correct headset is essential. To help you choose the correct type, first identify your requirement.

Monaural vs. Binaural

Monaural headsets have a single earpiece and are suited to users that require to talk with people in their own office as well as being 'on line'.

Binaural headsets have two earpieces and are ideal for users who need to concentrate on their telephone calls without external distraction.

Standard vs. noise cancelling microphone

Standard microphone are suitable for use in the average office environment Consideration to noise cancelling microphones should be given in busy areas ,such as call centres, or where sensitive information may be being discussed in the background.

Headset style

The choice of style is personal to the user, be it 'over the head' with traditional headband, behind the neck or over the ear. There are also Plantronics convertible models to choose from.

Corded vs. wireless

Wireless headsets generally use DECT technology and allow freedom of use to leave your desk and confer with colleagues, whilst still on a call if necessary. Wireless also allows for calls to be answered whilst away from your desk, the answering range being dependent on distance and coverage.

If none of the above are deemed beneficial, then you may prefer to opt for a corded solution.


Whilst still being a 'wireless' headset, Bluetooth technology does not have as greater range as the Dect wireless headset, however, it does have the ability to feed off multiple bases e.g. mobile, desk phone or home as long as they have Bluetooth capability, e.g. a single headset for both desk and mobile phone.

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