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Structured Cabling for VoIP and IT Systems

Types of cabling systems provided range from Category 5e, through to Category 6, 6A,7A,8 together with single and multimode fibre. All cables installed after July 1st, 2017 must comply with CPR (Construction Products Regulation) regulations. This means that all Cables must be categorised according to their performance tests in reaction to fire. Any cable which is deemed to be permanent, once installed, is within scope of the CPR. This covers power, data and communications cables. In the case of data and communications cables copper, fibre, coax, and multiconductor cables are covered, with the exception of patch leads.

The principal of Structured Cabling is to provide sockets within every few metres such that any future additional wiring requirement, if not negated, is minimised. Structured cabling is normally wired in Cat 5e or Cat 6 standard cable and components, however, the current recommendation is that a minimum of Cat6, preferably Cat6A or even Cat7a, should be used. Below are details of the respective categories. NB With the exception of Cat8, the maximum distance is 100m in order to comply. Cat 8 is a specialised cable with a max distance of 30m.

Overview of structured cabling
Category Standard Bandwidth Maximum Data Rate Shielding
Cat5e 100MHz (up to 350) 1000Mbps UTP or STP
Cat6 250MHz (up to 550) 1000Mbps UTP or STP
Cat6A 500MHz (up to 550) 10Gbps UTP or STP
Cat7A 1000MHz 10Gbps Shielded only
Cat8 2000MHz 40Gbps Shielded only

Data Cabinets

We supply a wide range of Excel wall or floor mounted cabinets and associated optional equipment such as fan mounting trays, power distribution strips, brush strips etc. A pre-configured service is also available, whereby we install the majority of kit that you need, and we deliver it ready configured to site.

For further information about structured cabling and data cabinets please contact us.