VoIP & IT Cabling Systems

Types of cabling systems provided range from traditional cw1308 voice telephony through to Category 5e & Category 6 cabling. Structured cabling is a term applied to the system of cabling whereby premises are wired with multiple sockets that can be used for either voice or data.

The principal of Structured Cabling was introduced into the UK in the late eighties, early nineties with the launch of what was known at that time as Level 3 cable. The idea is to provide sockets within every few metres such that any future additional wiring requirement, if not negated, is minimised. Structured cabling is normally wired in Cat 5e or Cat 6 standard cable and components.

The Phybridge Power over Long Reach Ethernet (PoLRE) data switches deliver Ethernet and Power over Ethernet over a single pair of wire with 4 times the reach of traditional data switches.

A wide range of cabling products are available, ranging from cw1308 voice cable, Cat5e and Cat6 data cables, patch cords, sockets, junction boxes, patch panels etc. Manufacturers include Austin Taylor, Pressac and Krone.