Category 5 / 5e Cabling Systems

Telecom Solutions & Services are able to offer a fully warranted & certified installation service for their Excel structured cable installations.

Excel Category 5e UTP Cable

Product Overview:

Cross-section of Category 5e UTP cable. Excel Category 5e UTP Cables are manufactured, tested and verified to the ISO11801 EIA/TIA standards for enhanced performance Category 5e cables. Each cable consists of 8 colour coded 24AWG polyethelene insulated conductors. These are twisted together to form 4 pairs with varying lay lengths. These pairs, together with a strong nylon rip cord are jacketed in a heat resistant PVC material. The printing detail on the sheath, includes the cables part number, specification details and a unique 305-0 metre marking within each box supplied, allowing for quick and easy measurement of cable installed and the amount remaining within the box. A choice of jacket colour enables departmental or application identification where necessary.

Performance Overview:

Excel Category 5e cables are manufactured and tested to the Category 5 enhanced standards as defined by the EIA/TIA and ISO standards' bodies. Swept frequency tests are applied to each critical performance characteristic, such as near end cross talk (NEXT) and far end cross talk (FEXT). Both Worst Case and Power Sum Test methods are applied. Actual performance exceeds the required standard by a considerable margin ensuring sufficient headroom for even the most demanding applications.


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