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NEC SL1100

NEC SL1100 24-button Handset

The NEC SL1100 is a small to medium sized telephone system and is the successor to the XN 120. The SL1100 is designed to satisfy the growing needs of the small to medium business.

It is a professional, flexible and easy to use voice communication system.It can be installed as a basic, well featured telephone system or programmed and equipped to offer a range of sophisticated business benefits. The SL1100 offers an enhanced range of proprietary telephone handsets and supports almost any type of standard telephone device.


The base unit is equipped with 8 digital multiline telephone extension ports and 4 analogue standard telephone ports. It can be supplied with analogue exchange lines and/or ISDN2 lines.

The maximum extension capacity of a single cabinet is 28, of which a minimum of 4 are for standard telephones.

The maximum exchange line capacity is 12, which may be ISDN2, analogue or a mixture of both.


The system allows for expansion to meet the needs of most business organizations without replacing a single item, thus safeguarding the initial investment.

A maximum of three cabinets can be connected together to provide a system with a capacity of 84 extensions, (of which a minimum of 12 are for standard analogue telephones) and 36 exchange lines.

In addition to the above, there is capacity for 16 IP devices, which may be IP telephones or SIP trunks.

For further information download the NEC SL100 brochure (PDF - 3.54 Mb) or contact us.

NEC XN120 Lifecycle Update

NEC have announced that, after a long successful business contribution, the XN120 will be phased out following the introduction of its successor, the NEC SL1100.

Below are the time scales for the phasing out of the XN120 communication platform, related system terminals, applications and accessories.

Product lifecycle dates

End of new deliveries. The product and product related sales articles cannot be ordered anymore for new system sales, and has been succeeded by the SL1100:
1st October 2011
End of deliveries. The product and product related sales items cannot be delivered any more. Until this date orders for expansions or upgrades will be serviced by logistics with a delivery time of up to 3 months:
1st October 2016
End of maintenance. NEC Infrontia does not provide any maintenance upgrades any more on the product:
1st October 2016
End of Service. Service and support on the product has ended:
1st October 2017

Availability & Ordering Information

From EON onwards, orders for expansions or upgrades will be serviced on a best endeavors basis by logistics, with a delivery time of up to 3 months.